Institute for Cardiovascular Physiology

Changes in cellular signaling pathways are involved in the development of diseases. The Institute for Cardiovascular Physiology carries out work on the topics of calcium, redox and oxygen signaling. Methods of optogenetics are used for the targeted stimulation of excitable cells.

Working groups

Calcium and redox research

Calcium and redox signals are essential regulators of many physiological and pathological processes. The primary focus of our research is to decipher the role of calcium and redox signaling on a molecular level in order to create a basis for new therapeutic approaches.

Hypoxia Research

In the cardiovascular physiology department, the molecular mechanisms and possible therapeutic consequences of cellular hypoxia sensing and signaling are analyzed.

Vegetative Optogenetics

Optogenetics is a recently developed method allowing to control cellular behaviour with light after genetic manipulation. Thereby, optogenetic stimulation provides an unprecedented combination of cell-specificity and spatial as well as temporal precision.

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